What others buyers are saying...



Farah Shamsi, United Kingdom

I have a green prayer carpet with a prophetic sandal design. The colors and design are beautiful and very soothing to look at, it has a feeling of peace. The thick pile makes it comfortable even on a tiled floor and the larger than normal size for a prayer mat gives it a grand feel. It's not just a pretty and comfortable rug, it is nice to know that Muslim brethren have hand crafted it and one is contributing towards their work. It is the nicest prayer carpet I have ever prayed on, in fact after praying on it it is hard to pray on anything else!



Sheikh Faraz Khan, U.S.A.

Alhamdulillah, the quality and design of these rugs are beautiful. The prophetic sandal is our crown and we should honor it as such.



Abd al-Rahman, Jordan

I go out of my way to track down authentic hand knotted rugs from around the world, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to do so. I'm grateful to know that there's a company like Zarabeey out there. I've bought several rugs from them and I've been happy with every purchase. I appreciate the intricate, traditional design and stitching, which clearly stand out from all the mainstream rugs that flood the market these days. I'd love to see the continuation and support of local artisans perfecting their craft, and I'm happy to support a focused company that pays attention to detail, offers high end quality products and great customer service.


Hasan S. Ahmed U.S.A

AlhamduliLah, i received the rug yesterday...jazakAllahu khairan for sending it so quickly. mashaAllah its very beautiful...inshaAllah it will be my place of salaat and dhikr for many years to come. JazakAllahu khairan again for informing us of these fine rugs...inshaAllah i will cherish mine as one of my most honored possessions in the dunya.


Dr Saquib Lakhani U.S.A

I have purchased a few rugs from Zarabeey.  One currently hangs as a centerpiece in our living room and others we have given as gifts to dear friends.  The quality is superb:  the colors are rich and vibrant; the pile is thick, densely woven and yet luxuriously soft; and the handmade craftsmanship is exquisite.  These rugs are the real deal - you can't go wrong!


Hasan Sonmez. Jordan

They are beautiful pieces, and I am grateful to own them. 


Hena Khokhar, Pakistan

I have bought several prayer rugs from Zarabeey. As always I am beyond satisfied with the quality and aesthetic sense of the makers. My favorite so far is definitely the majestic Nalain Shareef.


Adam Coburn, U.S.A

Thank you so much for your help and guidance through my first purchase of a rug of such quality, I really wanted something nice but I had no idea all the factors involved in a rug. Thank you for taking the time to show me the true value and quality of my rug, from the knots per square inch, to the feel of the plush wool to the dimensions of the rug. At some point I would really love to get a custom made rug for my living room. I really appreciate the traditional crafts and favor their support. The hand knotting and dye of the wool with the softness of the rug makes it a wonderful accent to the house. The rug is in a highly used area and is still very soft and plush, thank you again for all of your help and your service.



Musawar Ahmad, United Kingdom

"The flying magic carpet"

I was sold a rug by these guys, that to be very honest I wouldn't have purchased, it was a gift for my wife as she touched the rug and said "it is beautiful". It wasn't my kind of thing it was blue and it wasn't your usual burgundy brown or red bokhara which is what i would purchase. When I got home and prayed on it i started to like it more then my other one, and still I now prefer to pray on this one in preference to other very high quality Persian I have as my own prayer mat. There is a magic on these carpets, when you sit on them or pray you are transported almost like in flight, and when you leave the carpet you are confronted with withdrawal symptoms. The reason for this is simple , they are very high quality and very reasonably priced, they can easily be marketed at a higher price, as these guys know how to select individual high quality pieces.


 Rabia Hayat Khan, Pakistan


Alhamdulillah all hand woven pieces are beautiful and I find light where ever they are hung. Subhan Allah ! They make popular gift items. May Allah put barakah in all your dealings...ameen