Hand-Knotted Rugs

The Past and Future of Hand-Knotted Rugs

Pakistan represents one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of hand-knotted rugs and carpets. The techniques used to create these beautiful pieces span back to the 11th Century when they arrived with the first Muslim conquerors. Carpets and rugs have been a part of Islamic culture from times unknown. Their predominant use was to cover the floors of mosques as well as houses. Occasionally they would also be used as wall décor. Today, their popularity has grown but their uses remain the same.

In present times, hand-knotted carpets and rugs make up one of the leading export products in Pakistan. The exotic design of each rug is hand-woven using ancient Persian techniques. The weaving process requires much patience, dedication, and skill. It consists of tightly knotting the threads to create unique and beautiful patterns which form a high-quality, tightly woven rug. Plush fabrics and natural fibers are used to breathe durability and life into every piece.

Sadly, the people who produce these exquisite rugs and carpets are from very poor areas where families labor long hours to create these masterpieces that are worthy of worship. Often, children become part of this process at a young age. The commercial manufacturing companies that mass produce Persian rugs and carpets keep their workers in terrible conditions where the pay is practically nothing.These carpets and rugs may look beautiful, but the barakah within is missing.

When you purchase a carpet or rug from Zarabeey, you will find peace in knowing that you are not contributing to mass production or commercialization. You are contributing instead to a team of poor widows and young men and women, allowing them the freedom to work at their own pace from the comfort of their own homes. You are helping to support the beautiful art and technique of ancient Islamic civilizations.

Visit Zarabeey where “carpets tastefully spread around.” Browse the large collections of beautiful, hand-knotted rugs, carpets, and wall-hangings, including the Blessed Sandal Rug. Explore Zarabeey and find the highest quality wall hangings that evoke the sacred (barakah); prayer rugs for worship (ibadah); and carpets truly worthy of a divine gathering (dhikr). Attain a greater sense of gratitude (shukr) when you purchase these beautiful items which are all handmade and of traditional design but never mass-produced.

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